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Whats hiding in your home policy?

Your home: old-hat as it may seem, it’s essentially your modern-day castle. And judging from Game of Thrones, it takes a lot to protect it. You worked hard to earn it, and in return, it helps to serve as a safeguard against the outside stresses of this modern world.

Protecting it is typically a priority—and having a well-structured Home Insurance Policy can be a VERY good first step. Enter our local expert, David Sheehan of Sheehan Farmers Insurance.

For ease of understanding, David likes to divide insurance into categories of vital and convenience coverages. For homeowners’ insurance, vital coverage all comes down to having the right amount. “Your Homeowners Policy usually covers your home and everything in it, as well as any outdoor improvements—It’s crucial then to ensure you have adequate amounts of coverage” he explains. With that in mind, David will sit down with you at your convenience to determine how much coverage is appropriate. 

“We take everything into consideration, so we can come up with an accurate replacement cost,” he says. And here are two of the best things about Farmers. First, Farmers offers a generous safety net, covering your home up to 125% of its insured value if replacement expenses run over. Second, Farmers “Next Generation” Homeowners policy insures your personal property at its current replacement cost, and never at its depreciated value. That means for example that if your five-year old, top of-the-line 60” LCD TV gets stolen, you’ll get a brand-new one to replace it.

Another vital function of homeowners’ insurance is to indemnify you against accidents—This is your home liability coverage--and again, it’s an area where Farmers really shines.

“Farmers has no breed restrictions on liability coverage with regard to dogs,” says David. And that means a lot to them personally, since they’re dog lovers themselves and ardent supporters of the Austin Humane Society—David’s wife, Janie, volunteers there at least once a week. 

As for convenience, David can help you adjust your deductible to an amount you’re comfortable with, so you’ll be comfortable with your premium, too. He’ll also make sure
you’re not over-insuring, as he sees all too often.

“Remember, you’re only insuring your home, not the land it’s on,” says David. “One thing I think many of us learned from the unfortunate events of Labor Day Weekend 2011 was that an annual review of your home insurance coverages really is a good investment of your time”.

Best of all, being the second largest insurer in the state with round-the-clock resources like its 24/7/365 HelpPoint claims service, Farmers’ premiums remain affordable—and that’s before you take into account their “affinity discounts” for members of key professions. So if you want a concise—professional review of your coverages—or if you just want to review your current rates—you’ll definitely want to give David a call.

In addition to Farmers resources, David is there personally for each and every one of his clients to make the process as quick and easy as possible, and is always accessible in emergencies.

“Farmers truly cares, and they were right there in the devastating wildfires a few years ago,” says David.“Our customers take pride in their homes, and we take pride in protecting them.”