Life Insurance


Life. It’s as much about your family as it is about you.

We move through our days taking
care of our families, going to work, paying bills, laughing, getting our hair cut, attending school plays and doing the dishes as though our lives will always be the same. 

As any octogenarian will tell you, life changes. None of us want to think about losing a loved one and that makes most people reticent to talk about life insurance. 
Talking about life insurance might seem like talking about death, but not to David Sheehan, owner of Sheehan Farmers Insurance. David believes that making sure your loved ones are taken care of is a celebration of life.

David is a can-do kind of a guy who loves helping people. He takes pride in making life easier for his clients. He realizes that the subject of life insurance can make people's heads spin. Term? Whole? Universal? What
was that question again? Most everybody needs life insurance, but most do not understands it. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it easy for them," he says. First, David will help you establish your needs. With his Ten-Minute Family Review,
he will meet you anywhere you wish and answer any question you have regarding coverage. He will find out if you have any outstanding obligations, such as a car loan or a mortgage that would need to be paid off.
If you and your spouse both work, will that missing income need to be compensated for and for how long?


What about arrangements? These days, the average funeral or cremation could cost your loved ones between $10,000-$15,000. David will make sure your family has the
right amount of coverage for those expenses to help relieve the burden during a difficult time.

Education is a surprising component to determining life insurance coverage. Do you have school loans to pay? Do you have children you'd like to put through school? Not all of these situations apply to everyone
and David will factor this into his evaluation for you. And the final consideration is your budget. David is conscientious about making
your plan fit into your life in every aspect. A policy that is more than you need, will cost you money that could have been invested elsewhere.

He will offer options for term life
insurance, for a specified period of time or whole life insurance, which provides coverage over the course of your entire life. For those times when you need coverage for a certain
time of your life, like when your children are small, term insurance is a good option. You might want coverage throughout your life
and then David will discuss the benefits of whole or universal life insurance with you.