Auto Insurance

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In auto coverage, Limits really matter.

Limits really matter.

Do you know your limits? 

The three numbers on the face of
your policy that likely seem as random as your high school locker combination.

Thankfully, Faces & Places resident expert on insurance, David Sheehan, is here to clear things up. David ownsSheehan Farmers Insurance and offers a complete spectrum of insurance products-life, home, auto, and boat, among others-all through Farmers-- one of the two biggest insurers in Texas.

"There's really no mystery with auto
insurance," he explains. "In Texas, auto liability insurance is required by law-that is, insurance that pays for damage you cause-and we refer to the minimum limits as 30/60/25. That means your insurer will pay $30,000 to each injured person, up to a total of $60,000 per accident, and $25,000
for property damage. And that's it-the rest is on you."

A lot of folks who focused solely on
rock-bottom premiums will point, click, buy-and look no further. If you have assets (or even just peace of mind) you want to protect, you'll likely need more coverage and
it will probably costs less than you
think. How much more coverage? 

That's where David comes in. "We're here to help you understand not just how much you need, but what kinds of coverage make sense for you and your family."

David helps his customers sort out the differences between vital coverages and convenience coverages. Vital coverages are what's necessary-liability, of course, and, though not required by law, uninsured and
underinsured motorist protection, which protect you in case you're in a wreck caused by someone with no insurance or assets.


Convenience coverages, on the other hand, include protection for your vehicle and other helpful services, like roadside towing and rental car reimbursement.

The value Sheehan Farmers Insurance
brings is David's real world expertise
and personal attention, as well as the
vast resources of Farmers that back every policy he writes. And it's affordable, too, especially since Farmers offers additional
discounts for teachers, nurses, doctors, David Sheehan working with a client and friends, first responders, active/retired military and several other professions.

"Our goal is to offer the best product
along with the best insurance-buying
process," says David. He'll help you select coverage you're comfortable with, that fits your budget, at competitive rates.

And unlike some online or 800 number carriers, you get a real, live person. David and his family are involved members of your community, doing all the hard work,
explaining everything along the way, who are always there for you. 

Farmers Help Point customer service is also ready to help -
24/7/365. What could be easier?

So, if you don't know them already, now's a good time to learn your limits. And if you're looking for an insurance agency that can do it
all, give David a call-because when it comes to auto coverage, Sheehan can.